Process & Insights

Our 10-Point Process for Digital Marketing



Identify Target Market  - Define demographic and psychographic parameters and apply to online filters...

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The Nature of Defining and Creating a Brand



Why go to so much effort to create or

update a brand? Envisioning and branding require a great deal of discussion and consideration to create a concise identity...

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Public Relations



Our proprietary blend of PR programs virally attracts customers. We develop web partnerships with highly curated lists of buyers. This provides leads, organically creates web traffic and builds third party credibility...

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Find Buyers with Online Advertising



Our favorite way to win new leads and buyers is using online ads. Why is that? Because we can literally pick a needle out of a haystack due to the advanced targeting options the different platforms offer. While there are a myriad of choices to choose from we focus on Facebook, Linkedin, Google AdWords, and retargeting via display ads. Our favorite of all the platforms is Facebook...

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Building a Sales Machine



Building an effective onsite sales operation is often a ground-up enterprise. We have a group of independent onsite sales specialists and sales managers we have brought to many projects, but usually we need to also recruit and train local sales executives. This is not as easy as you might think. Realtors are wired to attract listings, not buyers. They are not wired to push select inventory or drive to a sales close; they are wired to please...

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The Launch Lab Secret Sauce at Work



As most of us would agree, second home properties are discretionary purchases and only people with discretionary income are going to buy them. This means that highly targeted outreach methods are required. Before the downturn, direct mail (aka snail mail) was the gold standard. This meant merging and purging different targeted mailing lists to reach the right prospects...

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