Our proprietary blend of PR programs virally attracts customers. We develop web partnerships with highly curated lists of buyers. This provides leads, organically creates web traffic and builds third party credibility.

What is PR?

Public Relations: the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Usually through TV, online magazines, blogs, podcasts, and radio.

Your marketing plan should have a PR aspect to it. We've seen PR have an extremely effective role in bringing in leads and buyers.

Why is that?

Every team is going to say their property is great, awesome, amazing and give a buyer a list of reasons why they should buy there. And they should. However, when a magazine, an influential blog, a podcaster, or a TV station says the same thing it holds more weight. PR is an easy way to build social proof for your property in the minds of buyers.

So Launch Lab does press releases?

We'll do releases, but usually only on big announcements. Our friend Ben Parr, former editor of Mashable told us this:

"Yes, there's a lot more effort involved in customizing news pitches for each journalist, but the results are night and day different. Just as you don't like and won't click on irrelevant ads, journalists won't open a pitch that isn't relevant to their writing beat."

See the difference?


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