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Laser-Beaming your Message to your Perfect Buyer

Our favorite way to win new leads and buyers is using online ads. Why is that? Because we can literally pick a needle out of a haystack due to the advanced targeting options the different platforms offer. While there are a myriad of choices to choose from we focus on Facebook, Linkedin, Google AdWords, and retargeting via display ads. Our favorite of all the platforms is Facebook.

Consider This

Every time you like, share, or comment on any piece of content on Facebook, it's tracked. Think about that for a second. Every article you clicked on, political post you commented on, and every beach hammock picture you have every like is tracked. Is that creepy? Yeah... could be. But look at it from an advertiser's point of view for a moment. Do you enjoy seeing ads that have no relevance to you personally? Probably not. But if you see one that speaks directly to you it's an entirely different experience. With Facebook, you as a brand can talk directly to your target market in a hyper-targeted sort of way.

Have a Video?

Facebook also has a video ads option that allows hyper-targeted buyers to see your video sales message for one cent per view or less. Video ads also promote more comments, likes and shares than just text or image-based ads. Ask us how.

What About the Others?

We said Facebook was our favorite but it's not our sole method. Linkedin is great because we can target by job title and the traffic, although more expensive than Facebook, can come in at a better quality. By example, let's say you have a resort in the Dominican Republic and you want international real estate investors to buy properties in your resort and rent them out. We can literally take out an ad on Linkedin that ONLY targets the profiles of those who have "International Real Estate Investor" in their job title. Do a quick search on Linkedin with that keyword and you'll see the opportunity.

Google AdWords

... are about as direct as you can get. With these text-based ads we target people who are searching for exactly the phrase you want to be found under. Example, "San Pedro Belize Real Estate." We help you identify which terms are being searched, find the ones that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck and implement them.

Retargeting with Display Ads

Good marketing funnels surround a prospect and hit them from multiple different angles. A retargeting strategy does exactly that. If you're unfamiliar with retargeting here's an example to jog your memory. Have you ever gone online to look at a product you were interested in buying? Let's say a pair of shoes, or a set of golf clubs. Chances are, you saw an ad following you around on the web displaying an image of that exact product. This is retargeting.

Tying it All Together

When it comes to advertising on the web, credibility and trust rules all. Your goal should not be to sell a prospect online. Rather, it should be to instill trust and position your property as a leading contender for their hard earned money. You do that by popping up frequently in their digital world. Let us give you a final example:

Let's say you're a prospect. You get up in the morning, reply to a few emails, have breakfast with your wife and then log onto Facebook to check out a few pictures of your kids. You see an ad for your resort with some compelling imagery and good copy. You're pretty busy so you don't click just yet. Later that day you get an email that someone wants to connect with you on Linkedin. You log on to accept and while you're there you see an ad for the property I saw on Facebook this morning. Your mind goes, "A-ha... I've seen those guys before." However, busy guy that you are, you're on your mobile device and don't feel like clicking just yet.

It's now lunchtime. You log onto your favorite news site and I see a display ad showing you the property again. Now you're beginning to think, "Man! I'm seeing this property everywhere. They must have something going on I need to check out." But before you click you do a quick Google search on the resort name. You see a Google AdWord ad and give the magical click.

That, folks, is how you effectively market to a prospect online using online ads.


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