Our 10-Point Process for Digital Marketing

01 - Identify Target Market

• Define demographic and psychographic parameters and apply to online filters

02 - Identify Where They Hang Out on the Web

03 - Develop Messaging

• Communicate brand pillars and project differentiators

04 - Develop Imagery

• Graphic fit and finish, photos and video content

05 - Create Website and Landing Pages

• Designed with appropriate messages and images
• Easy access for visitors using PCs, tablets or mobile devices

06 - Create Online Ads

07 - A/B Test and Optimize Ads and Landing Pages

• Low clicks - tweak ads
• Low conversions - tweak landing pages

08 - Start Nurturing Funnel for Incoming Leads

• Develop custom email campaign to further qualify leads. Response requires additional lead form engagement by prospect, collecting email, phone etc. Only these leads proceed in the funnel. (If prospect fills out multiple lead forms they are considered the hottest of the hot leads.)
• Train telephone specialists to further qualify leads and set sales appointments
• Depending on scale, expect 50-100+ qualified, hot leads per week

09 - Start Retargeting Sequence

• The high majority of leads do not pass through our lead funnel process. These leads are nurtured through a custom digital sequence

10 - Repeat


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