After the downturn, we dominated the market with 249 sales for $24 million in just 11 months.

• Dramatic post-meltdown sales success in the heart of the foreclosure crisis

• Previous real estate group had sold just one unit in the first six months of 2009

• 249 remaining units sold in less than one year

• Marketing generated more than 3,000 qualified leads and 1,500 onsite tours

• 18.6% sales closing percentage

Concordia Backstory - Why Positioning Mattered

• We came into the project with no sales momentum

• Incumbent listing broker had just one sale in the previous six months

• Limited marketing budget meant all outreach had to be local

• Studying the market we determined that short sales and foreclosures accounted for over 70% of all condo sales in previous six months in Cape Coral.

• We positioned Concordia to be attractive to visiting investors looking for short sale products

• Further analysis indicated investors were frustrated at lack of choices available in local short sales and foreclosures. Many foreclosures had title encumbrances

We developed a simple, powerful message: Concordia was priced like short sales and foreclosures, but with immediate inventory choices and clean titles

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